West ZooOpolis with Marco Minnemann is an ambitious new solo project with John Czajkowski and the über-talented German drummer known for his breathtaking “interdependent ostinati” and heavy polyrhythmic grooves. John and six other composers have each written and recorded individual albums around Marco's extraordinary 52-minute drum solo called Normalizer 2. In seperate projects, Trey GunnAlex Machacek, Mike Keneally, Phi Yaan-Zek, Mario Brinkman, and Marco himself each contribute their own unique compositional approach as well. John's production team includes Kevin Freeby on bass and some special guests including Chris "Sub-D" Taylor.

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WestZooOpolis Track List:

Part I
1 Bordertowns
2 Floridy Mortorbungalow
3 Eurorobot This Is Houston
4 Three Trains To Tennessee

Part II

5 Animal Dreams
6 Midget Magi and the Bearded Hippo
7 Inspector Iguana
8 Elephant Emergency

Part III
9 Viking Rats
10 Mayor Ass
11 Where Time Was
12 Scratchin’ With The Turkeys
13 Disposable Music
14 Billy Goat Rope
15 Before Your Time

Part IV
16 West ZooOpolis
17 Chupalupracabra
18 The Blood and the Ric'lick’shun
19 Three Little Lambs
20 Goodnight Gorilla (Ting Tong Ting) 

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